My Successful Weight Loss Story

Let me share with you my story it is a true and not made of fiction. Like millions other American tried every slimming product available in market to lose weight fast. You name it I have tried it that weight loss product. Either it is some famous weight loss diet plan or magical pill which promises to cut down fat fast.

Nothing work my way, I was so desperate to reduce fats fast and I was ready to go for a Surgery. I was all set to go for an operation to have all those excessive fats surgically removed from my system. By Surgical procedure they will remove fat from my body. But a close friend's advice changes my life.

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I will tell you my secret behind weight loss how I kept it off. "The Weight Loss Solution is not in any diet or magical slimming pill". Weight loss starts in your head. Diet plans are temporary you can never follow a diet plan forever. You can not continue an Exhausting work out program everlastingly. At present time it is not an achievable task.

You have to modify three simple steps; they are not as tough as you assume them to be. Start believing in yourself. Don't lose fat to make an impact on someone look good in bathing suits in summer.

"Be Firm in Your Approach"

You want to reduce weight to look good in summer, strike an impression on some one look attractive on reunions. Those things are all comprehensible but they are also idealistic. By the time you put your heart and soul in accomplishing your dream, time run out. YOU are left with hopelessness, considering yourself a "LOSER".

Thinking yourself as a "LOSER" is not going to Perk Up your "SENSE of WORTH." All you need is seeking ways to reduce weight as an everlasting transformation.


The most important rule we should keep in mind is be tolerant as it will be time consuming for the preliminary weight to start shrinking. Stop weighing yourself at regular intervals but I will suggest don't weight yourself at all. You feel depress to the core looking at scale and finding no immediate outcome.


Stop taking "REFUGE" in food. Discover other diversion. You are always inclined to eating more or have fixation for food. Engage yourself in an other healthy activity. Diversion is vital.

Set achievable tasks for yourself. Be sensible approach towards your wish. Never try to become someone you look in a fashion magazine. You will strain yourself, loose weight to a healthy comfortable level and try to sustain the weight you have lost.


You have made some basic changes in your diet but it is not satisfying. You must change your eating habits if you desire to enjoy what you have achieved. A good shape is what you dreamed of. Now it is your duty to keep the extra pounds a way permanently.

I have told you how I lost my weight .Keeping in mind these tips I hope all of you will be able to cut down extra fats and won't need to go through expensive weight loss diet programs.

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