Looking For a Weight Loss Quick Diet?

More than sixty five percent of American adults are considered overweight or obese and excess weight contributes to the death of more than 375,000 people in the US each year. Conditions such as diabetes, strokes, certain types of cancer, heart disease and hypertension are also more likely when a person is overweight. It is little wonder that weight loss quick diets are extremely popular.

As the accumulation of fat took place over a period of years, those who are seeking a quick weight loss with a crash diet soon discover that any short term gains can be very difficult to maintain without important changes to lifestyle and eating habits.

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The American Heart Association (AHA) also recommends changes that include healthier eating habits rather than a weight loss quick diet. Such a change would consider eating fewer calories than is normally expended in daily activities. However, for this to become a habit and to produce sustainable results takes time.

Goal Setting

It is generally considered by leading weight loss experts that aiming for a loss of five to ten percent of body weight is more realistic than adopting quick weight loss techniques, as this is sustainable. As well as reducing weight and improving overall health, the improvement helps to reduce the risk of disease.

Each year, Americans spend $35 billion on weight loss quick diets, pills, clinics and similar programs. Often the outcome is disappointment. More successful are the programs which involve a healthy balanced diet that includes nutritious foods and increased activity.


Not only is disappointment more likely with a weight loss quick diet, the regime may actually undermine health, cause hunger pangs, physical discomfort and flatulence. It frequently happens, too, that the weight which has been lost also returns as there has been no significant change in eating habits and lifestyle. Health issues may also arise because the diet plan has placed too much emphasis on one particular type or class of food, whereas good nutrition encourages a balanced diet that includes a variety of foods.

Using supplements to bring about weight loss is also popular. These are often in the form of drugs or other medications - slimming pills - which aim at removing hunger pangs by making your stomach feel fuller. However, they must be approached with caution as some were found to cause serious problems with heart valves.

Many fad diets have a brief surge in popularity before they fade - sometimes because they are unproductive or unsafe, or simply because the public loses interest when the next weight loss quick diet appears. Permanent weight loss is usually found by adopting a nutritionally healthy diet that you feel comfortable with and suits your lifestyle, along with a moderate amount of physical activity.

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