The Secret to Quick Natural Weight Loss

My biggest problem with weight loss programs is that they are always "quick fix" methods that inevitably end up being short-lived. Take it from me, you are not looking for a quick fix, you are looking for a permanent one. We don't get overweight just because we're eating too much fats or carbs, we don't get overweight because we don't do enough exercise. We get overweight because of a lot of reasons and if you want to lose that weight then you have to look at your entire way of living, not just one or two aspects of it. Quick natural weight loss is absolutely possible, all it takes is a complete change (which is easier than you think).

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Change is our biggest fear. We might not think of it very often but the unknown is absolutely frightening to us, which is why we tend to stick to the well-known weight loss methods (which do not work). The secret to achieving quick natural weight loss is to return your life to a natural flow.

Have you ever noticed that most weight loss programs involve an extreme amount of control? You have to keep track of what you eat, when you eat it, or keep a very rigid schedule for exercise. You are literally encouraged to live by an almost military regimen. This way of life has no flow, it causes more stress than you had before and that stress makes quick natural weight loss an impossibility. Stress actually makes your body increase fat production (cortisol), so how can increasing your control reduce your level of stress?

The secret to quick natural weight loss is to let it be as natural as possible (which makes it even quicker). Relaxation (true, deep relaxation) is an unknown in our society today. It is deemed to be lazy and unproductive because those around us have a deep rooted belief in control as a means of achieving happiness. But how can you find happiness if you never stop long enough to feel it? You can't.

I can't tell you how to relax, unfortunately. What I can tell you is that there are some very old and very effective ways to increase your level of relaxation while simultaneously losing weight, increasing your immune system, and raising your level of happiness. Stop trying to assert control over your body, it doesn't like it any more than you would like it if someone were trying to control you. Quick natural weight loss comes first from rediscovering what "natural" truly means.

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