Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau

When you are trying to lose weight, it's common to hit a plateau every now and then. This is when your weight stays the same or even goes up a little over a week or two, even if you're carefully following your weight loss plan.

One common mistake people make is to try to schedule their weight loss in advance. They assume they will lose a certain number of pounds each week and calculate what their exact weight will be on a specific date several months in the future. This is insane!

It would be nice if weight loss worked that way, but it doesn't. You will have weeks with many pounds lost and some with few or none. This is how it goes and is not your fault.

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Part of the problem is that we tend to focus just on our weight and not how our bodies look or feel. Sometimes there is progress going on that just hasn't shown up on the scale.

If you exercise and add a bit of muscle, this may offset the fat you've lost during the same period. So although your weight might have stayed the same, you're better off because you've replaced some fat with lean muscle. And don't think of muscle as just a masculine thing, since I'm not talking about adding huge amounts.

If you've made weight loss progress and it has recently slowed, you might be on a natural plateau. Check to see that you've been following your plan carefully. Also consider what I mentioned about lean tissue replacing fat. Check your measurements like waist or hip size; you might find good news there that isn't reflected on the scale.

Once you realize you're on a plateau, remind yourself that it's normal and that you are maintaining the weight loss you've already achieved, which is something to feel good about.

There are two healthy ways to deal with a plateau. One is to continue your weight loss plan as usual, and you'll probably start seeing some more progress within a week or two. The other way is to take a short break, a cheat day or two, when you let yourself eat what you want, then go back on your plan.

What you don't want to do is give up on your weight loss goals or think you can't achieve them. It's easy to quit, go back to your old habits, and gain back the weight you lost. Please don't do that!

Remember, just about everyone on a weight loss plan hits a plateau now and then. What matters is how you deal with it.

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