The 3 Simple Steps to Quick Weight Loss

Weight loss is easy, and quick weight loss is even easier with these 3 simple steps. I have found a high success rate with people who have tried this and I highly recommend it to you as well.

1. Find Someone Who Has Already Lost Weight

The purpose of having someone in your life who has already lost weight is to serve as a frame of reference for yourself. The key idea behind this is "if they can do it, so can I!" Many times when people try to lose weight they have the mentality in the back of their mind that they cannot do it. Trust me, if you do this, you will fail at losing weight even before you have started dieting. Why? Because all your actions will reinforce this thought, you will function with this negative mindset in the back of your head that you cannot really lose weight. However, having that person in your life that can act as a benchmark to success for you will bring you the confidence you need to succeed. Once you believe that it is possible for you yourself to lose weight, quick weight loss will follow.

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2. Find Out Exactly How He or She Lost Weight

Another way to quick weight loss is this important step - find out exactly how the person lost weight. Nothing is more powerful and important when trying to lose weight than a person's testimonial. This person probably tried a plethora of good and bad diets and knows what ultimately worked! You now have free unrestricted access to this information, take advantage of it! Interview the person, take notes, diarize what they did for a week, a month, 6 months. Find out every single possible detail you can about how they did it. Get all the facts. Quick weight loss is no secret when you have the information provided for you.

3. Write Out A Weight Loss Action Plan

Although this is a simple step, this is the most important step towards quick weight loss - writing it out. Whether it be in your diary, a piece of paper, or on your computer. Writing down your weight loss plan of action solidifies it and makes it real. You should have a plan that is so detailed that you can pass it on to a friend and they would be able to replicate the exact same plan of action towards quick weight loss.

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