Printable Weight Loss Charts

Printable weight loss charts are very useful for people trying to lose weight. They serve as a guide, allowing you to keep track of your progress as you follow your weight-loss program.

This can provide you with a tangible result for all your hard work. Because of this, it is usually better to post them where you'll see them often. This is the big advantage to weight loss charts that are printable.

The data collected on the charts varies. Typically, it will include weekly weight loss (it is usually best not to record daily weight loss figures because natural fluctuations can be a disincentive).

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Other data that may be recorded includes various body measurements such as waist size, but can also include things such as clothing size.

Another common metric used is the calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI). While this index only gives a rough indication, the problems only lie at the boundaries. For example, if you are in the middle of the obese category, then it really is time to lose weight. Even small losses in weight can provide considerable health benefits.

Rather than just keeping a table of figures, there are computer programs which generate graphs, where you can see trends more clearly. Of course, the disadvantage in using this kind of software is that you have to turn on your computer just to update the chart.

There are a range of free printable weight loss charts available online to download. Nevertheless, unless you are a very strong willed it is probably easier to join a recognized weight loss program. Any reputable program will provide you with quality weight loss charts to use.

Research suggests that maintaining a weight-loss chart can assist you in obtaining your goal, because it keeps you accountable and also provides an incentive for continuing on your regime.

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