Obesity and Weight Loss

Obesity is a chronic disease and treatment necessitates a long term changes in life style. It is often that people consider a diet as something that one goes for a while to loose weight, only to resume poor eating habit once the wanted weight loss has been achieved. As one begins to look at treatment options for obesity it is crucial to focus on some important general principals concerning weight loss for adults.

Mostly those people on a diet fall inside a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18 to 25. Instead than worrying and concentrate exclusively on weight loss these individuals should focus on making necessary changes for a healthy life style that integrates the knowledge and partly acceptance of one s particular body shape and type. Unrealistic weight loss expectations and lack of understanding of the natural weight and body diversity it can be viewed as social problem. It is just impossible that every man and woman could look like a movie star. Still everyone can strive for good health and an active lifestyle.

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Commercial Dieting to Loose Weight

Those who follow popular commercial dieting plans to loose weight and maintain that weight lose make up only 5% of the people. Ordinarily, a third of the weight lost is regained within 12 months from the end of the dieting program and almost the entire weight loss is regained within two to three years. Some programs and some individuals might have a higher success rate. Even so, statistics overall are grim. Any weight loss Program that promises to loss weight and keep it off without modifications in the amount of food consumption or increases in physical activity is marketing illusions.

Dieters need to be mindful of the traps and health aftermaths associated with the weight cycling and the added risks in lowering one s self esteem, discouragement, fall of HDL-cholesterol and increased upper body fat deposition. Gaining body mass in those aged 25 to 45 years is common. The Individual aim should be that of a particular care no to gain more than 5 to 7 kilos than the weight reached at age of 21.

Weight loss should be from adipose stores no from muscles and lean tissue. People that follow a fad diet are fooled at the stared of the program with rapid weight loss. This is frequently fluid loss and possibly muscle tissue as muscles are about 75% water. When loss of lean tissue takes place it means a fall of basal metabolism and overall energy expenditure. As a whole this shows the importance of preventing obesity.

The treatment for obesity will depend on your level of obesity, your overall health, and your motivation to lose weight. Ideally the attempt to address obesity should be preceded by a period of weight maintenance for at least six months in order to learn to balance energy intake and energy output that can be maintained. Different types of treatment for obesity include:

-Treatment for mild obesity: consisting of a gradual and permanent change in living habits with the help of guidance and/or counseling.

-Treatment for morbid and/or severe obesity: very low calorie diet, life-style counseling and drugs.

-Surgical treatment: Only for selected patients that fall to a certain category with morbid obesity.

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