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Are you tired of trying fad diets that promise dramatic weight loss and leave you feeling feeling disappointed? There are a vast number of fad diets which claim to be the secret to quick weight loss. In order to be successful at losing weight, it is necessary to put some thought into establishing healthy eating habits. There are some myths about weight loss as well. For example some people suggest you can lose weight by skipping breakfast or not eating at night.

Breakfast is not the meal to skip if you want to lose weight. Eating breakfast will actually help you to lose weight if you make it your first healthy meal of the day. Food choices for breakfast that will start your day right include fruits, whole grains and low fat dairy products. People who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier foods with less fat and more vitamins and minerals. Also eating breakfast will keep you from making unhealthy choices mid morning or at lunch time when you feel starved and deprived if you have not eaten a first meal of the day.

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Eating fewer meals each day, perhaps by skipping one all together is not a good way to lose weight either. Research has shown that people who eat four to five smaller meals throughout the day will stay slimmer and report feeling more energetic than those people who eat three or less meals per day. Most find it easier to manage cravings when they plan a number of smaller, healthier meals throughout the day. Eating a number of smaller meals helps to keep ones metabolism functioning effectively as well.

Some types of fad diet belief is that by eating a very restricted type of food you can lose faster. Other fad diets claim that combinations of food can speed metabolism. Actually it will not help you lose weight to eat an unbalanced diet or certain foods together. The bottom line about weight loss is reducing caloric intake and eating a healthy variety of smaller portions of food. Probably one of the best ways to help achieve or maintain a healthy weight is by learning what is a normal serving size of food. Individuals who struggle with weight problems often have an unrealistic idea of normal portion sizes.

For example, a standard serving of cheese would be the size of four dice, a normal portion of meat would be the size of a deck of cards and a normal serving of potatoes is 1/2 to 3/4 not a small mountain that fills half a large dinner plate. When trying to lose weight, people often try to follow certain rules about eating such as no eating after a certain time in the evening. Although it is unhealthy to consume large quantities of food at night it is not the time of day or night but the caloric value of food that makes it unhealthy. Your weight is determined by the total number of calories consumed throughout the day and it really is a myth to think that calories eaten at night are worse than those eaten earlier in the day. The caloric value of food and it's impact on weight does not change depending on when you eat but rather on what and how much you eat.

To get all of the help and diet information you need it's best to us a diet plan that you can configure to suit your needs. Visit diet review sites to learn about the different plans available. Find one with a guarantee, that is flexible and is not just a new fangled fad diet.

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