Weight Loss - Why Higher Protein Diets Work For Fat Loss

If you're on the hunt for information relating to weight loss and different diet programs, there's a good chance that you've come across some form of a high protein diet before.

In the past the Atkins diet really caught on, however this was more of a moderate protein-higher fat diet. This type of diet set-up will work as well, however due to the higher fat nature, often it will include a greater number of calories thus weight loss will be slower.

Moving on, high protein diets do work when it comes to weight loss for a variety of reasons. While I wouldn't recommend a protein-only diet for a long period of time, for a short duration, and under the proper advice of a personal trainer or someone who understands the principles of nutrition and fat loss, they can prove to really help jumpstart fat loss.

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Here is why high protein diets can help you shed the pounds when used properly.

They Blunt Hunger Levels

One big thing with high protein diets is that they will cause hunger levels to decline drastically. Protein itself is the most satisfying nutrient that you can consume, so when people switch over to high protein diets, they typically will find that dealing with hunger is no longer a problem.

They Cause Water Weight Loss

Next, high protein diets will also cause a fair degree of water weight loss in the body, which is another reason they tend to produce quite rapid fat weight loss results.

It is important to understand though that this fat loss is not necessarily going to stick around - more that it will motivate you to stick with the diet.

Not to say that all the weight you lose on a higher protein diet will not stay off, just that that initial five pounds is going to be mostly water and stored muscle glycogen.

They Limit Your Food Choices

Let's face it, any time you limit the amount of food choices you have, you're going to see better results with your dietary effort. It's only human nature to want variety, so when you have five different flavors of potato chips sitting in front of you for example, you're going to want to have a little bit of each.

If there was only one flavor though, you'd likely be satisfied with far less.

They Reduce Muscle Mass Loss

Finally, the last reason why higher protein diets tend to work well is because they limit the amount of lean muscle mass loss you'll experience. Protein is the single most important nutrient when on a diet because it acts as a safeguard for your muscle mass.

If you aren't getting enough, you will definitely start to lose muscle and this will in turn slow the metabolic rate - thus making further fat loss more difficult.

So, if you are going to use a higher protein diet to help with weight loss, understand these points. It is important to not stay on them more than a few weeks though unless you are under the direction of a professional as they can decrease your exercise performance over time (due to no other energy sources coming in).

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