How to Guarantee Success in Weight Loss

Clients and friends often ask how I can guarantee success in weight first glance it appears to be more gimmick than reality. But there is a simple way to guarantee success...

The rule is simple in weight loss - to lose weight, you must take in (EAT), LESS than you burn each day. Stated another way, you have to create a negative calorie balance to lose weight.

Now that is a simple, straightforward concept; however, most people, and many weight loss programs, try to make it more complicated. In my experience, many individuals don't want to look at the fact that losing weight is just a simple balance of calories in, calories out. It just seems to be human nature to make it more complicated. Then, there can be a sophisticated reason why we didn't lose weight on the ABC diet, or the DEF diet, or at this gym, or with this program.

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But at the end of the day, the science is EXACTLY the same. I am not saying that many of us don't have addictive personalities and find food a wonderful sense of comfort. Nor am I arguing with genetics; millions of people have slower metabolisms (or faster ones) based on their gene pool. But GUARANTEED, science has not reported a single human that will lose weight without creating a calorie deficit. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

That understanding makes a guarantee easy...if you create this calorie deficit on a daily or weekly basis, you will lose weight. But here is where commitment to a goal is the hardest - who wants to WORK at eating less and moving more? We don't want to think about losing weight, we want it to just happen.

What if you could make changes so smoothly and easily as to lose the weight, AND not have to worry about gaining it back? Yes, you will have to think about it, but in such small doses (the smallest in fact that you can measure) that it can't be made easier? Would that help to guarantee weight loss for you?

In my personal experience, struggling with obesity and the weight loss I needed to accomplish was, at one point, the biggest obstacle of my life. What I discovered was a simple way to guarantee my success every day...and over time a few months time, I lost weight I had been holding onto for decades.

Weight loss isn't easy - but it can be made simple, and with support and direction, you can GUARANTEE your success.

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