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Those who find surgery and medications as scary ways to achieve weight reduction often end up relying on herbal remedies to help them drop off some weight. Incidentally, those who promote herbal remedies as a natural way to lose weight, emphasized that there are no side effects involved mainly because the composition of these remedies are natural.

It actually sounds good that there are no side effects that go with these herbal remedies the only question is the effectiveness with regards to weight loss. Currently, there are no studies that can establish or guarantee that herbal remedies really work and everything will only be dependent on the experience of the consumer or the people who bought these remedies. Some people will provide testimonies that these remedies are effective and some will say that they just wasted their money. Either way after being informed of the consequences of using this weight loss method, but still you are convinced that you should try this out. Well, why not? It might actually work out for you in the end.

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After making that big decision, your next move should be to find out what these herbal remedies are all about. So here are the common herbal remedies for weight loss. Beginning with Aloe Vera, this is known as an internal cleanser. Its oral form is usually added to weight loss pills to induce bowel movements. Next, we have dandelion. Dandelion is considered to be a diuretic hence, weight loss is achieved through body fluid loss. The downside of this remedy is that you may lose a lot of fluids as well as salts or electrolytes leading to dehydration therefore practice some moderation if you are thinking of using Dandelion as your remedy of choice for weight loss.

On the other hand, Cascara or bitter bark is another ingredient commonly added to weight loss products. Cascara has strong laxative properties but should not be used for pregnant and lactating women as this can be passed on to the milk. Sea grape or Ephedra is another strong laxative. Sometimes this is used to treat cold however, an overdose of the sea grape can have fatal consequences. The side effects ran from high blood levels, fluctuations in sugar levels, nervousness up to insomnia, so apply caution when using this. Guarana or Brazilian cocoa is also considered a herbal remedy for weight loss. It contains caffeine and is considered as an effective stimulant as well as diuretic.

Just like with the typical medicine, prescribed or otherwise, there are measures that you should take in case something adverse takes place. Never ever take herbal remedies in large quantities nor should you take them daily. If possible, stick to the instructions that you can find on its container. Another precaution is never take this herbal remedy if you are on chronic therapy. The same thing should be considered if you are taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs. In case any allergic reactions occurs, stop using these remedies immediately.

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