Choosing a Weight Loss Program - Know the Answers to These Questions

Millions of Americans each year enroll in some kind of structured weight-loss program involving liquid diets, special diet regimens, or medical or other supervision. Some continue to consider national based programs that have been around forever, such as weight watchers. Others are looking for a newer program such as fat loss 4 idiots.

Before you join any type of program whether internet based or face-to-face , you should know that according to published studies relatively few participants succeed in keeping off weight long-term. In fact, the FTC has even brought action against several companies challenging weight-loss and weight-maintenance claims. Unfortunately, some other companies continue to make overblown claims.

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The FTC stopped one company from claiming its diet program caused rapid weight loss through the use of tablets that would "burn fat" and a protein drink mix that would adjust metabolism. The FTC also took action against three major programs using doctor-supervised, very low-calorie liquid diets, and they agreed to stop making claims unless they could back them up with hard data.

Always check with your health care professional before you sign up for any diet program. Here are several important questions that you will want to know the answers to. What are the health risks? What data can you show me that proves your program actually works? Do customers keep off the weight after they leave the diet program? What are the costs for membership, weekly fees, food, supplements, maintenance, and counseling? What's the payment schedule? Are any costs covered under health insurance? Do you give refunds if I drop out? Do you have a maintenance program? Is it part of the package or does it cost extra? What kind of professional supervision is provided? What are the credentials of these professionals?

Also, are there special menus or foods, counseling visits, or exercise plans? Can the weight loss program be accomplished from home? Or do I have to attend regular meetings? By you seeking the answers to these questions it actually eliminates many internet based diets. The fat loss 4 idiots does address these as well as others.

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