Rapid Weight Loss - 10 Simple Strategies to Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Have you ever gone on a holiday without first planning where you intend to go, know how much you would spend and how you are going to get there? Many people attempt to lose weight but not really clear on how they are going to do it. They fail to plan how they will achieve their ideal weight. In most cases, they plug themselves into slimming clubs, start taking diet supplements and reduce their dietary intake without first taking their time to decide on their goals.

Follow these simple ten strategies to achieve your ideal weight within a very short space of time. You decide your own timeline.

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1. It is very important you write down every step as you go through the strategies. Get a pen and paper and let's work step by step through the strategies.

2. Did you try to lose weight in the past? Were you successful? Whatever was the outcome of your past weight loss endeavor, try now to identify what you did. If you have not been successful, be honest with yourself and make a list of the reasons why you were unsuccessful.

3. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats to your future weight loss plan. Following the principles of the 80/20 rules, 20% of your strengths would spur you on to your ideal weight.

4. Set your goals. Be clear about how you intend to achieve your ideal weight. Your goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Here is the difference between what is a bad and good goal.

Bad: I want to lose weight. Or I am on a diet.
Good: I will lose 2 stones by 30th August. Or I will lose 7 pounds each week until 30th August 2008.

5. Write an action plan on how you are going to achieve your goal. Word of warning here. You need to write down your action plan. Without writing down your action plan you will fail. Here is example of an action plan based on the good action plan cited in the last strategy (number 4):


o I will lose 7 pounds every week until 30th August 2008.

Action Plan:

o Weigh myself and record weight in my diary before I start my rapid weight loss plan.
o Weigh myself every Monday at 7pm and record how much I weigh in the diary.
o Walk at least I mile every day in the evening between 5pm and 6pm in the neighbourhood.
o Drink ten glasses (100 mls per glass) of water every day.
o Eat high fibre content breakfast every day of the week.
o Listen to weight loss hypnotic audio recording before I retire to bed.

6. Implement the action plan. Act and carry out the actions. You need to act or you will never achieve your goal.

7. Read your written goal and the action plan every morning when you wake up and in the evening before you retire to bed. This will get you focused on your plans. Make copies of the goal and the action plan and post them around the house to remind you all the time.

8. Review your progress. Focus on your strengths, be persistent and remain consistent.

9. Visualise yourself to have lost weight.

10. Be positive. Never doubt your weight loss plan. Try never to dwell on your weaknesses.

In the action plan, be bold to combine several weight loss techniques, such as hypnosis and others.

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