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Weight loss coaching is a relatively new speciality in the age of coaching - yet the results are anything but "new age". Individuals who have struggled with their weight, sometimes for decades,are finding success in changing life-long patters of overeating and underexercising. Furthermore, good coaches focus on the simplest and smallest of adjustments to help their clients be successful.

There are three core principles of Weight Loss, whether you have 5 or 500 pounds to lose.

1. Make a Decision
2. Reduce your food intake
3. Increase your movement (exercise)

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To instill the simplicity of those principles in anyone can be challenging - after all we have been lead to believe there is some intricate science involved in weight gain, and therefore, weight loss. However, the core principles remain just that - CORE. In individuals that have over 100 pounds to lose, there is increased anxiety that it just can't be that simple. We are conditioned by Madison Avenue to believe that we need a pill, or a special food, or even surgery to change our behavior and lose a massive amount of weight.

But the "science" of metabolism and weight loss really just states that weight gain occurs when we take in more than we use, and we lose weight when we burn more than we take in. The questions we need to ask, and the ones a weight loss coach helps us to answer include:

How can I reduce my calories in a safe and easy way to guarantee my success?

How can I increase my movement so that I can burn my calories and stay healthy?

How can I stay motivated to do this today and tomorrow?

Some people really want to use weight loss coaching as a form of therapy, and I suppose it is understandable. You are talking with an individual on a daily or near daily basis and revealing fears that even your closest family members don't hear about. However, since the goal of weight loss coaching is to change eating and exercise behaviors, a coach must help to keep clients focusing their efforts on those actions and not get distracted by other discussions.

Weight loss coaching is one of the BEST ways to change behaviors without spending a lot of money. The requirement of accountability to a paid professional increases the measure of success; additionally, a good coach will determine a starting point so success can be quantified (counted) and increased. Your coach will help you daily, weekly and monthly to work towards the goals you have set and assist you identifying trouble spots. With a competent coach, you will also learn basic coping skills for difficult times such as parties, family dinners, boredom, etc.

If you have struggled with weight loss (as I did for 30 years), investigate coaching as a way to help you establish healthy patterns and lose weight. The money you spend on coaching will be immediately saved on food and the habits you change will last you a lifetime.

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