Weight Loss and Fat Loss Demystified

The Prosperity Sickness

For the multiple upon multiples of people who have been diagnosed with the 'prosperity diseases' like cardio-vascular disorder, diabetes type II, elevated serum cholesterol levels, obesity etc., the first advise they get from their physicians is that they should loose weight - and that too as soon as possible.

To loose weight is a general advice of doctors to their patients and of fitness gurus to their disciples, but this is as general an advice such as anyone can give. Specialist physicians, fitness experts and medical experts elaborate this a whole lot further and say that weight loss is important but weight loss in form of fat is of utmost importance.

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Typical Advice

When someone mentions to you that you must loose weight, he is giving you a very general advice. When you consider that mere losing weight can also consist of losing precious muscle fibers, bone mass and other important body tissues, you will realize that this general advice if asked to be followed without proper discretion can turn out to be very dangerous advice. It is not the weight loss that you should aim for, it is fat loss that should be your goal.

Starvation? A Big no no

People on weight loss regime tend to follow the starvation route or follow deprivation diets to realize their goal. There are lots of dangers that are associated with this type of strategy. Firstly, our bodies metabolizes tissues for energy when there is dearth of energy providing molecules in the body. Firstly, it is carbohydrates which are turned into energy for fuel. Once the carbohydrate supply is depleted, it is the turn of proteins to work as energy supply fuel for the body. Lastly, once the protein consumption as body fuel reaches a threshold juncture, the body switches on to using stored body fats as fuel.

You can clearly see here that body does not straightaway use body fats for fuel when you undertake a starvation diet. Fatty tissues are the ones that you should be wanting to get rid off in your weight loss regime, but unfortunately in starvation mode, they are the very last ones to go off! Instead, you will stand to loose the precious muscle cells and some bone mass (collectively called as the non-fatty tissues) which are extremely hard to get back!

Yo-Yo Effect

It is an established fact that most of the people who take starvation diet also give up dieting very fast. What do they do once they come off their deprivation diet? They simple gorge on food. Then what happens - do they gain the lost muscle fibers and depleted bone mass? By no means, that is unless they are also doing some body-building exercise. Instead, their reversion to old food habits make way for a scenario where they make fatty tissues much faster than before because now they do not have the same amount of muscles to burn calories. It is the muscle cells which consume calories. Fatty cells do not do anything to burn calories!


Thus, the principal goal of any weight loss regime should be to promote fat loss in such a way that the vital body tissues like muscle fibers and bone mass tissues remain intact. This is the only road for cardio-vascular fitness and reversion of 'prosperity diseases'. You should study your weight loss plan well to ensure that it meets the above criteria.

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