The Best Rapid Weight Loss Ideas

Our world today is based around instant gratification, and our weight loss expectations are no different. So if your are looking for rapid weight loss ideas, lets cut to the chase and get straight into some safe ways to achieve your goals ASAP:

Rapid Weight Loss Ideas - Mind Set;

o Make sure you are committed and have the right mind set.
o Set your self some goals, keep them realistic and don't get too far ahead, 1, 3 and six months will do.
o Commit to your goals, write them down and read them at least daily, or whenever you are having doubts.
o Tell a friend. Not just any friend, one that will be both sympathetic as well as truthful. They need to have the guts to give you a kick when you need one!

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Rapid Weight Loss Ideas - Diet;

If you are really committed and ready for action, you can do your own thing. You will need to have a reasonable understanding of nutrition. To keep it really simple just make really accurate notes on what your current food and drink consumption is, identify all of the nasty foods and drinks you consume, and start replacing them with a healthier alternative.

You do not have to go straight from a mars bar to sticks of celery, in fact you are much more likely to stick with it if you go in stages. Say from a mars bar to a muesli bar, and then to a piece of fruit or some other low calorie snack.

If you are really not up to going it alone, then you need to get two types of assistance.
1. Advice on nutrition and,
2. A road map to follow.

Try to pick something that suits the types of foods you like, and has a structure that you can fit into your lifestyle. So if you like your meat, don't go for a largely vegetarian style of diet, similarly don't join a program that requires you to attend meetings that are on the same night that you absolutely have to be somewhere else.

Rapid Weight Loss Ideas - Exercise;

The best exercises to lose weight quickly are resistance training. When you work your muscles hard you get three benefits.

1. You burn calories during your workout
2. Your body burns calories after the workout. (your muscles will get lots of tiny little tears from your workout that will be repaired in the next day or so, and this process burns calories)
3. This process will increase your metabolism. The more toned your muscles are the more energy your body requires to maintain them. Increasing your metabolism is great as your body burns extra calories while you are asleep! Who does not want to be losing weight while you are asleep?

You can fit some easy resistance exercises into your daily routine. The three I recommend you start with are sit ups, pushups and squats. Do three sets of ten for each exercise daily and you will be burning the calories away.

I hope these rapid weight loss ideas help you to start your weight loss program. And that is the key, you must get started. Once you start to see some results, I recommend you start looking at a longer term plan. Most people that stick with the original rapid weight loss ideas find that they become bored with the types of foods that are allowed in a "diet".

Long term success really depends upon adjusting the diet and exercise habits into ones that are both healthy AND enjoyable!

Good luck, and remember, you will never know if you don't have a go!

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